Potential Sports Inquiry

Potential Sports Inquiry

Athletic Department Selection Procedure for Adding Sports Teams

Many factors are taken into consideration when deciding to add new sports teams. Decisions will be based on the following factors:

1. Is there enough interest to warrant adding additional sports teams? Each competitive sport team is comprised of a minimum number of participants. Example: Tennis – 8 to 12 participants; Track & Field – 30 to 40 participants.

2. Interested parties will be evaluated on their skills and abilities to play the sport competitively at the collegiate level.

3. Are the resources available to support the new sport; both financial and human resources?

Steps for evaluating players:

1. The Athletic Director will choose a “neutral” coach from the community with experience in the sport being recommended, who would attend tryouts and assess the competitiveness of the players.

2. Players will be given a 20 minute tryout to demonstrate their skills.

3. Scores will be recorded and a ranking of 1-6 will be given to each player.

4. At the end of tryouts, the coaching professional will hand over the assessments to the Athletic Director.

5. The Athletic Director will write a statement regarding the feasibility in adding the “proposed” sport, the results of player assessments, and the cost for adding a team, to be reviewed by the AD’s direct supervisor.

6. Each participant who was assessed through a tryout will be sent a letter, from the Athletic Director, stating the decision about adding the new sport.

Process for adding new sport:

1. Interested parties submit a request for adding a new sport. All potential student-athletes must follow all NJCAA rules and regulations regarding eligibility and athletic competition including current enrollment in at least (12) academic credit hours at the institution.

2. Athletic Director evaluates each request. Is there enough interest to hold tryouts?

3. SCC will make a reasonable effort to determine if there are additional interested individuals. The College will contact individuals who submit a request (through this form) to determine if they have information to offer regarding the potential viability of a new team and whether they know of other students who may be interested in participating.

4. If tryouts are to be held, tryout dates will be posted and interested players will be notified.

5. Each player must submit verification of a doctor’s physical prior to tryouts.

6. Tryouts will be held to assess each player’s skill level.

7. Athletic Director will evaluate the feasibility of adding a new sport based on number of qualified players, availability of talent waiver scholarships, budget for coach’s salary stipends, budget for travel, uniforms, equipment, etc.

8. Athletic Director will send a letter to each interested player who attended tryouts informing them of the decision to add/not add a new team.

9. Decision about adding a new team will be made within 15 days after tryouts.

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