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Women's Outdoor Track & Field - Wed, May 1, 2013

Kendra Atlman:  A Whole Lot Better!

There are some performances that strike us to stand still in awe: Things that defy nature and some of the laws of training.  It's a simple change in mind set that makes a huge change in performance.  The young Artichoke Lady: Kendra Altman has shocked more than just her coaches but family and friends and teammates are moved by her new found racing ability.

Kendra's ne w attitude also comes with a new event. Last year her focus remained in the 1500m run (aka the metric mile) and the 800m run. In the final meet of her 2012 Season Kendra delved into the 5,000m run where she posted a time of 20:44.35 for a 5,000m.

April 20th 2013 Kendra Altman returned to the 5,000m Oval for the first time in nearly a year. On a windy day for a conference victory the young Artichoke posted a winning time of 20:23.39. Her response to her victor, and her 20.96 second improvement was: "I told you I like the 5k!"

She liked it so much that Kendra requested to do the event once more at the Triton Invitational in San Diego CA.  Knowing this would bring about possibly 3 5k's in 3 consecutive weeks I reluctantly submitted to the idea.  Kendra mentioned that she entertained the idea of hitting the NJCAA Track and Field National Standard, however that standard was 48 seconds from reality.  Taking of 20.96 seconds from a time she hit last year was a tall order, anything more would be difficult to attain.

In the cool breeze coming from the Pacific Ocean and whisking over the Triton Track the women's 5,000m started.  Kendra Altman took to last place and hovered there for 2 of the 12.5 laps. She started an aggressive movement through the pack and with each lap gone by she threatened the national standard. Kendra had fallen clean off the pace but with 600m to go she put in a lap of 90 seconds and closed the final 300 in 42 seconds.  When Kendra stepped off the track on this day: April 28th 2013 the clock stopped at 19:35.45.  Kendra's efforts amounted to a 48.41 sec. improvement.  Kendra will have another chance for the National Standard but today she went beyond average achievement: This is the first time in many years of coaching that I've witnessed such a staggering improvement in any singular event.

Congratulations Kendra Altman!